Important website for Indian Share market.

Important website for Indian Share market

Important website for Indian Share market you must know if you are thinking about to investing in Indian stock market.

NSE – National Stock Exchange of India Ltd

NSE is most Important website for Indian Share market , According to the World Federation of Exchanges, the National Stock Market (NSE) is India’s premier stock exchange and the fourth largest in the world by equity trading volume in 2015. (WFE). The NSE was India’s first exchange to provide electronic or screen-based trading. It commenced operations in 1994 and has consistently ranked as India’s largest stock exchange in terms of total and average daily equity share trading since 1995.

important website for Indian Share market

Our exchange listings, trading services, clearing & settlement services, indices, market data feeds, technological solutions, and financial education programmes are all part of the NSE’s completely integrated business model. The NSE also monitors trading and clearing members’ adherence to the exchange’s rules and regulations.

NSE is a technology pioneer, ensuring system stability and performance via a culture of innovation and technology investment. The NSE believes that the scale and breadth of its products and services, as well as its sustained leadership positions across multiple asset classes in India and globally, enable it to be highly responsive to market demands and changes, as well as to deliver innovation in both trading and non-trading businesses, in order to provide high-quality data and services to market participants and clients.

BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange

BSE is another Important website for Indian Share market, BSE (previously known as Bombay Stock Exchange) was founded in 1875 and is Asia’s earliest and fastest stock exchange, with a speed of 6 micro seconds. It is also one of India’s top exchange groups. BSE has aided the expansion of the Indian business sector by offering an effective capital-raising platform over the past 143 years. The BSE, or Bombay Stock Exchange, was founded in 1875 as ‘The Native Share & Stock Brokers’ Association.’ In 2017, BSE became India’s first publicly traded stock exchange.


BToday, the BSE provides an efficient and transparent market for trading in stocks, bonds, derivatives, and mutual funds. The BSE SME is India’s largest SME marketplace, with over 250 firms listed and a steady growth rate. BSE StAR MF is India’s largest online mutual fund platform, with over 27 lakh monthly transactions and about 2 lakh new SIPs added each month. With more than Rs 2.09 lakh crore raised through 530 issuance, BSE Bond, the transparent and efficient electronic book mechanism procedure for private placement of debt instruments, is the industry leader.

Money Control

This is most Important website for Indian Share market, Among Indian stock investors, Moneycontrol is unquestionably the most popular website. This website has a wealth of information, including market news, trends, charts, cattle prices, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, personal finance, and initial public offerings.

For stock investors, the basic data of every firm, as well as technical indicators, may be found here (including candlesticks charts). Moneycontrol also offers a platform for keeping track of your money and creating your own wish list.

Furthermore, this website’s discussion forum is one of its distinguishing qualities. If you can’t discover the most recent information on a company’s dramatic share movement, go to the stock’s forum and read the comments.

Money Control also has a mobile app available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Because of its easy user interface and excellent navigation features, the software is fantastic. If you do not already have this app loaded on your phone, I strongly advise you to do so immediately.

Other Important Websites.

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

BSE Bulk Deal : to know about bulk deals at BSE

NSE Bulk Deal : to know about bulk deals at NSE

SGX Nifty : to know NIFTY future before opening market

Google Finance : stock screeners.

Yahoo Finance: Web sites for stock research that are popular search websites

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