KGF chapter-2 movie review

KGF chapter-2 movie review

In terms of appearance, Yash is all swag and elegance, and his desi English oddity is still there in this film. Is that why Rocky has such a broad appeal? Because he is one of them, perhaps.

KGF 2 movie review
KGF Chapter -2

Director picks off where he left off in KGF1: Garuda has been defeated in Narachi, and Raja Krishnappa Bairya alias Rocky (Yash) has gained control of the gold mines. He’s your kind tyrant, who frees people from the bonds of bonded labour and keeps the gold mines running. Then an old nemesis, Adheera (Sanjay Dutt), reappears. The rest of the movie is a succession of set pieces in which Rocky fights various opponents, including Ramika Sen, the country’s prime minister (Raveena Tandon looking majestic and stern all the time). Rocky’s mother Shantamma’s (Archana Jois) teachings continue to guide him. He also obtains several blessings from the other women this time, including a devout Muslim mother played by Eswari Rao.

Things ultimately come to a head when he meets paths with a CBI agent portrayed by Rao Ramesh. It appears to be over, but Director , being Director , keeps you wondering.

Director appears to have mastered the art of continuously throwing things at you while making a film perform well on the large screen. There’s a scenario with drying papads that works really nicely. Post-pandemic, I felt like eating popcorn at a movie theatre for the first time. This is the type of movie that reminds you why you want to see it on the big screen, and why popcorn is the ideal complement to a good commercial picture. This is a director to keep an eye on; he’s just made three films and already has a few distinctive elements.

KGF chapter-2 is considerably superior to KGF1 in terms of writing, as well as ideas. Now all that remains is to wait for Chapter 3 to learn what transpired in the inky blue depths of the Indian Ocean, flecked with gold bars.

In both the personal and professional realms, what I enjoyed best about KGF chapter-2 is that there is no happily ever after. Rocky owes his family something, and he goes out of his way to help them, but there’s something more driving him, aside from his mother’s desire for him to succeed. He’s still a loner at heart, and a one-man lean, nasty fighting machine.

Key points which I like about KGF chapter-2.

KGF Chapter -2 Trailer

There was a lot of speculation about whether Director would be able to live up to the high expectations set by KGF chapter-2, but after seeing the film, one can conclude that he has given the audience much to shout about, as it is action-packed and filled with exciting mass moments.

KGF chapter-2 will be Yash’s major ticket to glory because of his incredible performance. In the film, his demeanor, body language, and laid-back screen presence are all outstanding. He will undoubtedly become a great star in the country in the future. Srinidhi Shetty, the heroine, has a good role in Part 2 and performs well.

Raveena Tandon is the film’s surprise package. She has demonstrated what she can accomplish as an actor after years of playing glamour parts. She is a pivotal character in KGF chapter-2, and her performance is commanding. Rao Ramesh has a decent part as well, and his dialogue delivery lifts the proceedings.

Adheera, played by Sanjay Dutt, is ominous to say the least. When it comes to performing negative characters, Dutt has some clout, and his negative performance elevates the film to new heights. The production design and BGM are both excellent, and the second half contains several goosebumps moments.

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