The 2022 Home Run Derby, which was hotly contested in the All-Star Game, was won by Washington Nationals slugger Juan Soto on Monday,

In a one-on-one matchup, Soto scored 19 home runs in the minute of his extra time, ending the game.2022 MLB Home Run Derby

Only one day older than Juan González in 1993 when he won the Derby, Soto is the second youngest player to do so at 23 years and 266 days.

To the joy of the crowd and the players at Dodger Stadium, 42-year-old Albert Pujols defeated top-seeded Kyle Schwarber in the first round of the Home Run Derby.

Two-time defending champion Pete Alonso's reign came to an end when he lost to Rodriguez in the semi-finals.

Championship match against another Dominican standout Julio Rodriguez. In the semifinals, Soto started slowly but soon found his swing,

Nearly twenty years after reaching the finals of his first Home Run Derby in 2003, the Cardinals great entered the field for his farewell Home Run Derby.

Needing just three more home runs to win, he added seven more before the minute of extra time.2022 MLB Home Run Derby