On Saturday, the Grand Ole Opry commemorated 50 years since Barbara Mandrell was admitted to the illustrious country music organisation.

Soon after her newlywed husband Ken Dudney, a Navy pilot, was sent to Vietnam that evening in 1967, the former country music youngster

She and her family went to the Ryman Auditorium to watch a live broadcast of the Opry's weekly television show.

Mandrell, then retired, saw Dolly Parton sitting on Raman's balcony and said to his father, "If you will handle me,

Father's Wager has garnered unimaginable rewards and has served as an inspiration to countless fans, artists and outstanding female performers

Mandrell is now the tenth oldest included active member of the Opry. Study of his contribution in the field of live performance,

According to Mandrell, "The Grand Ole Opry feels like home and where I belong." "I am honored to belong to the family of those

Honorably speaking to Mandrell Country Music Hall of Fame's first living member and former self-described "King of Country Music"