Let's put aside the idea of a "Renaissance" for a time and instead accompany Beyoncé into her musical den, a hedonistic danceteria

Queen Bey combines hip-hop, soul, trap and other genres for her seventh solo album, the 2016 critically acclaimed "Lemonade".

In her 16-track album, Queen Bey blends dancehall, hip-hop, soul, trap, and a well-placed Donna Summer sample.

She can be seductive or overly lewd depending on the situation. Beyoncé understands that there is no need to apologize at the age of 40.

The singer was shown regally posing on a silver, shimmering horse on the cover of the new album, hinting that she would display some skin.

Beyoncé purposefully omitted a visual aspect that was crucial to both the "Lemonade" and "Black is King" projects for 2020.

When "Break My Soul," the first single from "Renaissance," debuted in June, audiences were enthralled by the song's dance floor feel.

Robin S. The album's "Show Me Love", a 1993 club classic, was a stellar sampler that made the entire album comparable home music.