In Jackson State, Deion Sanders is working to establish a major HBCU football program. Under Sanders' direction, the Tigers have produced two consecutive top-75 recruiting classes.

A game between the Rebels and the Tigers will likely be "exciting" according to Ole Miss coach Len Kiffin, who commented on SEC Media Days on Monday.

When Saban accuses Sanders of paying a JSU player $1 million to enter the school, Sanders and Saban are about to appear in a new Aflac ad together.

In-state HBCUs like Alabama A&M or Alabama State should be scheduled, according to Saban, who indicated on Tuesday that he is "very much in support" of it.

Sanders did not, however, fully discount the prospect. In particular for Saban, he claimed that he needs more time to get ready.

I need to strengthen my front, Sanders said. “In the middle are the big players that separate Power Fives from HBCU right now.

None of the skill players are to blame. They are those big dogs in the center. To counter such a thing, we have to strengthen it.

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