Deshaun Watson's claims against the other three of the four remaining women have been resolved in secret by the Cleveland

Buzby would not immediately disclose which plaintiff it was that did not settle with WatsonDeshaun Watson, the quarterback 

All 24 women, including the initial complainant, had accused him of sexual assault while giving massages in 2020 and early 2021.

Ashley Solis claimed that Watson brought his own towel to the massage session and touched her inappropriately with his genitalia.

The NFL began an investigation into the claims, and the organization's personal conduct rules for an indefinite period of time.

Late last night, our team concluded three of the four outstanding civil lawsuits with Deshaun Watson after lengthy and intense negotiations,

In a statement on Monday, Buzbee said. With Watson's legal team, we will continue to discuss the situation as necessary.

After two grand juries in Texas decided not to indict the 26-year-old Watson in March, he did not charge any crimes.