The "Stranger Things" actor was criticised by the singer for posting her personal remarks about Joseph Quinn, his co-star.

Doja Cat described the action as "socially clueless and crazy" when chatting live about the event on Instagram on Thursday. She said she felt misled.

It's so very socially awkward and wacky that this individual, Noah, went and shared a private chat between me and him.

"You're meant to [make errors] so that you know you're not to do it in the future," the singer continued. I made my fair share of mistakes in order to avoid doing them again. The act Noah committed,

The singer asked Noah in the now-deleted TikTok video whether he could ask Joseph Quinn to "hit her up," and in the texts, she inquired as to whether the 29-year-old actor had a partner.

It is so shockingly socially awkward and wack that someone went and publicised a private chat between myself and him.

On Thursday night, Doja criticised Schnapp on TikTok Live for publishing their direct messages (DMs) without getting her consent.

Doja Cat inquires about her affectionate target. He then stated that he "doesn't have a DM to slide in" after that.

Doja Cat stated, as quoted by Indy100, "I think that, to be fair, first let's be relaxed about it. I have no idea how old Noah is, but he's not even past the age of a child.