This summer has been fairly uncomplicated thanks to ripped superheroes, Minions, and Tom Cruise. Jordan Peele now arrives to further sour the situation.

The "Get Out" and "Us" director's new horror film, starring Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun, is being released this weekend.

Billy Porter, a Tony-winning actor, makes his directorial debut in "American Pie," a romantic comedy on Amazon that features a transsexual girl and a Muslim boy.

Here's a list of fresh films for every taste in cinema, along with several notable theatrical releases making their streaming and on-demand debuts:

Peele maintained his stellar batting average and leaned into Spielbergian sci-fi in his most recent attempt after scoring home runs with both "Get Out" and "Us".

"Nope" stars Kaluuya and Palmer as equestrian siblings who spot strange creatures in the sky above their California gulch home and rush to save both their animals and themselves.

The catchy film explores the life of songwriter Don McLean, but focuses primarily on his song "American Pie", which he wrote in 1971.

the 1959 rock 'n' roll tragedy that served as its inspiration, with different musicians (such as Garth Brooks) elaborating on their relationship to the song and McLean himself perceptively