Nicole Holmes has happily attended Pride events since she was a teen because she enjoys being with others who share her interests.

She claims that when she brings up a male partner, other LGBTQ individuals assume she is "straight", giving her troubling gaze.

"As a bi woman who has mostly been in dating relationships with men, it becomes pretty unpleasant in terms of things like the stares,

Bisexual individuals in the United States, who make up 57 percent of the adult LGBTQ community, deal with a particular type of prejudice.

Even inside their own community, this can have wide-ranging effects, especially in terms of health difficulties, according to campaigners.

According to Lauren Beach, assistant professor of research at the Feinberg School of Medicine, bisexuals experience stigma from straight people.

Lacking access to a larger "Bi+" community made up of bisexuals and those who are attracted to others regardless of gender

Many, many people in society who do not identify as bisexual and report different types of sexual orientation