It was dubbed "the slap" and was one of the most notorious events in Academy Awards history. The world's discussion would not cease.

Will Smith reportedly hit comedian Chris Rock on stage after Rock joked about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head.

Since March, a lot has happened, including Rock and Pinkett Smith's reactions to what they witnessed among other famous people.

Twice publicly, the "King Richard" actor expressed regret for what happened. He recently apologized,

Why Smith didn't apologize to The Rock in his acceptance speech for Best Actor on Friday addressed the topic.

"At that time, I had lost my vision. Everything seems hazy. Chris has responded to my mail, saying he isn't ready to speak at this time.

The day after the Academy Awards, on March 28, Smith issued his first apology. He discussed his actions at the ceremony.

When Rock took the stage to present the Academy Award for best documentary film, the dispute got started.