Betsy DeVos, who oversaw the agency as secretary under former President Donald Trump, told a conservative conference over the weekend that it should be dissolved.

According to Florida Phoenix, she announced, "I personally believe that the Department of Education should not exist," in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday.

According to the Florida Phoenix, DeVos emphasised that choices about education must be left to the states and local boards.

According to their website, Moms for Liberty's mission is to "organise, educate, and empower parents to protect their parental rights at all levels of government."

When conservatives are waging an intense culture war against their desire to have more control over the school curriculum for more parents, along with the teaching of social problems including race, 

A law prohibiting teaching gender identity and sexual orientation to kindergarten through third-grade kids was approved in Florida.

Nearly 40 percent of math textbooks submitted to the Florida Department of Education were rejected in April because they did not comply with the state's new learning requirement

mentioned critical racial theory and "included banned issues." The phrase "critical race theory" refers to a movement that examines the relationships between equity, law, and race.