"Star Wars: The Wedding" by Beth Revis, a new standalone book, allows "Star Wars" enthusiasts and hopeless romantics

The feisty couple finally have time for love now that the Death Star has been destroyed, Darth Vader is dead,  .

a marriage ceremony and honeymoon on the opulent Halcyon. Han and Leia will have to struggle for their happily-ever-after since 

Among other things, Revis is the author of the YA sci-fi "Across the Universe" series and the stand-alone novel "Star Wars: Rebel Rising."

Check out this unique clip from "The Princess and the Scoundrel" as Leia shares the good news with her brother Luke Skywalker:

As she awaited his response, Leia felt the twitching of the veins in her abdomen. What if he got rejected?

Luke embraced the woman. With a smile in his voice, he remarked, "You should know that Chewie was already

Until you two realised how perfect you were for one other, I threatened to abduct you two and abandon you on a barren planet.