Pugh attended the Valentino haute couture show on July 8 in Rome, Italy. She donned a bright pink dress and matching platform heels.

"Listen, I knew there would undoubtedly be comments on that stunning Valentino dress when I wore it. It doesn't matter if it's favourable or bad.

Thankfully, she added, "I've accepted the intricate details of my physique that make me, me. Several of you wished,

Pugh stated that she has "came to terms" with her physique and is at ease with it. She also mentioned that she was brought up "to find strength in the folds of our body.

After sharing some details about her background, she expresses gratitude to her supporters for being raised by "strong, powerful, curvaceous women."

If publicly abusing women in 2022 is so simple for you, the conclusion is that you are the one who is ignorant, she said. "Be mature.

Someone wrote in reaction to the comments, "She literally recounted in detail the challenges and behaviours that I had to deal [with] on a daily basis."

What's been fascinating to observe and witness is how simple it is for men to completely dismember a woman's body in front of everyone, proudly.

She remarked, "Technically they're covered?" in a picture on her Instagram (which may be seen here and contains nude imagery). a reference to the dress' sheerness.