Afterwards, it was demolished "for safety concerns," according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, leaving a pile of wreckage in a photograph that the investigators released.

Every stone contained messages for mankind. Locals have advertised the monument as a tourism destination, but

After the explosion at around 4 a.m., the "Georgia Guidestones," a 19-foot-three-inch tall Stonehenge-like monument outside of Elberton, Georgia, partially fell.

On Wednesday, a significant piece of the granite structure at the Georgia Guidestones was destroyed. The inquiry is ongoing and under progress.

Since they were presented in 1980, the Guidestones have attracted both praise and controversy to Elbert County in northern Georgia, not far from South Carolina.

Many people were drawn to the 119-ton monument because of its mysterious past and the strange writings written on its monoliths in numerous current and ancient languages.

A state highway that passes close to the scene was temporarily stopped as bomb squad personnel searched the area for evidence.

"God exists exclusively as God. He is capable of doing anything "On Wednesday, Taylor posted on social media. "That also entails removing Satanic Guidestones."

Deputies from the Elbert County Sheriff's Office arrived on the site and discovered that the explosion had damaged "a major amount of the facility," according to the GBI.