The Hall of Fame-bound pitcher had a well-known precise pregame routine, timing is pre-start walks from the bullpen to the second, and he understood the outcome of the game didn't really matter.

Truth be told, he probably shouldn't be starting this 92nd All-Star Game anyhow; serious business would resume in a few days.

The American League went on to win the game 3–2, with a clearly televised All-Star Game underway.Giancarlo Stanton, Byron Buxton power American League

The American League's pitching staff, which held the National League hitless for seven innings after it scraped for two runs in the first inning off Shane McClanahan,

Kershaw would have been in position to win after that, but back-to-back home runs in the fourth inning from MVP-winning Giancarlo Stanton and Byron Buxton prevented that.

The race for AL will continue. Still, Tuesday's game made sure to entertain large national TV audiences and notables like Albert Pujols,

And that 192-game winner and three-time Cy Young Award nominee Kershaw received roses for the home team. Kershaw took a moment to sniff them out.

In the beginning, Kershaw tries to soak up everything for a moment and looks around, something he rarely does.