The BTS Army becomes nine years old on July 9. (specifically, the official announcement of its name). Twitter is commemorating its anniversary.

Each member has created a virtual gallery, with their choices shown in several well-known public spaces that are well-known to BTS fans.

The experience offers an intriguing glimpse into each member's artistic interests blended with a hearty dose of personality, despite a few small faults here and there.

On the Arts & Culture platform, you may take a variety of virtual tours of well-known art galleries as well as other popular tourist destinations like the Alhambra and the Giza Pyramids.

It everything happened very quickly. Following the release of their anthology album, BTS hosted a taped dinner for their fans.

The purple heart icon that shows next to the BTS heading on the top left-hand side can be clicked by users.

when they hit 30, which would cause the band to break up for some time (Jin, who turns the big 3-0 in December, would be the first member to enlist).

BTS's breakup announcement caused a mild hysteria: Many observers believed that the "hiatus" was the cause of the collapse in Hybe's stock price (this would be the management firm for BTS).

Fans may access a hidden Easter egg by searching for "BTS" on Google Search starting on Friday (U.S. time zones).