Aventer Gray reported that more blood clots were discovered in her husband's lungs in addition to the embolism.

According to Aventer Gray, John Gray will require two different sorts of surgeries because of the strain on his heart.

Aventer Gray, his wife, detailed his health this weekend and stated that the family is "in need of a miracle" in an Instagram post.

John visited the ER on Thursday night after noticing some changes in his symptoms over the previous couple of weeks. He was promptly brought

For context, she writes, "the doctor mentioned that individuals have gone into the hospital dead with this identical circumstance he went in with.

John Gray, the pastor, needs a miracle. Aventer Gray, John's wife of more than ten years, posted on social media that the pastor was in the hospital.

John had not felt like himself for weeks, according to Aventer, before being treated in an emergency room on Thursday (July 7). doctors concluded

"To put this in context, the doctor added that patients who had this exact circumstance when they entered the hospital had passed away.

She continued by saying that only God was accountable for preventing the clot from sliding into a position that was even more fatal. She announced,