A Moscow court on Friday adjourned her trial by 11 days after Brittany Griner's defense team requested additional time to prepare.

Griner, a star for the Phoenix Mercury and a two-time Olympic gold winner, is one of the most well-known female athletes in the United States.

Since the Russian police claimed to have discovered vape canisters containing cannabis oil in Griner's luggage, she has been imprisoned. If found guilty, she may spend up to 10 years in prison.

According to Griner's attorney, Alexander Boikov, she confirmed ownership of the vape canisters but said she brought them to Russia unintentionally.

Her defence team provided the court with more documents on Friday, including over 20 character references from various charitable and athletic organisations.

In addition, there are reportedly medical records that demonstrate that Griner, a 6-foot-9 native of Houston, has a history of injuries,

Her attorneys also provided a letter from the Arizona Department of Health authorising the use of cannabis for the treatment of severe chronic pain.

A doctor's appointment for the substance that Britney Griner unintentionally left among her things upon crossing the border is among the medical records, according to the report.