When you hear the title of the film, "Vengeance," it's only natural to get ready for a lot of retaliatory mayhem.

This is BJ Novak's debut (in theaters Friday). He is best known for playing the clumsy intelligent Ryan Howard in "The Office".

That indicates that the mayhem is largely contained within the mind. Aside from acting, Novak also writes, produces, and directs the film.

Cultural insights into a mysterious murder investigation that begs the timely question: Why can't Americans get along easily?

"The story started out much more personally," Novak explains, referring to a broken relationship that resembled her "vengeance."

"It quickly grew to be about a nation where people frequently miss connections because we are constantly on our phones,"

Synopsis of the story: When a woman in New York died of a casual relationship with Manalowitz, his West Texas family

Manalowitz, who is utterly out of his element, channels his perplexity into ambitious interest and submits a pitch to a podcast editor.