Comedy is more accessible than ever in 2022. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, several comics were early adapters of the TikTok obsession.

2020 saw many comedy clubs shut down, forcing many comHow these comedians are transforming the professionedians—

Many were able to contact their audiences online because to TikTok's rapid growth (from 133 million to 902 million users annually).

Before the pandemic, the only performers you could see were those the industry deemed amusing,How these comedians are transforming the profession

comedian Robyn Schall: "Who the industry was going to give a special to, who the industry was going to put on a late-night programme.

"Now, thanks to the internet, TikTok, and Instagram, people choose who to watch and who they find hilarious.

According to TikTok statistics, the hashtags #comedy, #humor and #funny have garnered billions of views on the social media network.

A new generation of comedians are demonstrating that there is humour in humanity by being true to themselves and accepting diversity.