That changes on August 6 at Madison Square Garden when cruiserweight contender Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) competes on Showtime Pay-Per-View against southpaw Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-1, 6 KOs).

After Paul disclosed that Rahman was attempting to negotiate his contract earlier today, it appeared that their Showtime PPV matchup versus Rahman Jr. was in risk.

Rahman Jr., who turned 31 on June 15 and is 12-1 professionally, hasn't faced up against somebody as well-liked in society as Paul. Rahman Junior

Paul, a 25-year-old 6-1 195-pounder, is 5-0 with four knockouts. However, he faces Tyron Woodley, a former UFC champion, Nate Robinson, a former 5-9 NBA player, and Ben Askren, 

Later, Hasim Rahman Jr. declared, "I'm turning this into the Hasim Rahman Jr. show." He doesn't host it. It's my programme. And the conflict will go in the same manner. No matter what he does

Hasim Rahman promises that his kid will be in exceptional shape to face Jake Paul. Hasim Rahman Jr. competes in New York's renowned Madison Square Garden, following in his father's footsteps.

Given the calibre of competition the YouTube sensation has faced, Rahman Jr., the 31-year-old son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, doesn't place much trust in Paul's 5-0 record.

In preparation for Paul vs. Rahman Jr. at MSG on August 6, all sides participated in a news conference on Tuesday. The two-time heavyweight world champion has some criticism 

I'm going to give you the truthful response, flat out," he replied. "I'm going to speak the truth because that's what I do, even if I'm not sure if my kid will like it.