He is competing against a deceased man, you know? said he. "I mean, when Biden exits the stage, he shakes hands with people who aren't even there.

On Lex Fridman's show, Rogan predicted that the Trump administration will be one of the weirdest periods in history. "When people reflect on the separation in our country historically,

With a $200 million contract, Mr. Rogan, a comedian and sports pundit in addition to being a podcast presenter, is the highest-paid podcaster on Spotify.

pundit and podcaster because, although posing as a "free thinker," he occasionally has some really stupid ideas.

Hearing that Lyin' Joe Rogan doesn't want me on his programme, the fake statement says. He claimed that he received several requests to host me. LIES!

The podcaster Joe Rogan has been in the middle of a lot of controversy lately, but he claims to have dodged the biggest one by not interviewing former president Donald Trump.

Cassidy Hutchison, a former Trump White House employee, provided startling evidence last week during a surprise hearing, outlining many episodes 

He labelled the former leader "a controversial personality" and "an existential menace to democracy" on Monday. Rogan, Mr.