Khiara Bridges, a law professor at UC Berkeley, was one of the witnesses, and Hawley questioned her on her use of the phrase "humans with a capacity for pregnancy."

"You speak of "those who are capable of becoming pregnant." Are these women, then?" During the heated discussion during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, 

Bridges said, "Many women, particularly cis women, have the ability for pregnancy, while many cis women do not.

In an exclusive message to Fox News Digital, Hawley attacked the Democrats, branding them "extremists" and claiming that the nation can see the Democrats' spiral into insanity.

The Senate Judiciary Committee convened a hearing on the effects of the Supreme Court ruling that reversed Roe v. Wade and remanded the issue of abortion to the state legislatures on Tuesday.

"And that results in aggression? Do you conduct your class in this manner?" In response, Hawley enquired as to whether Bridges' pupils were permitted to question her in class.

Bridges clarified that she was using this phrase to include all people that these laws will effect. "Many cis women are capable of becoming pregnant,

Hawley continued by inquiring as to what she perceived the "heart of this right" to be. At that point, Bridges pointed out that his comments were limited in terms of who  should be focused on.

When Hawley questioned Bridges about what he believed to be "the essence of this right, then," the professor claimed that Hawley's interrogation was transphobic.