Since last week, when it was revealed that Kyler Murray and the Cardinals had struck a deal on a five-year extension of the $230.5 million deal,

On Monday, there were allegations that the contract has unusual language requiring the quarterback to put in at least four hours a day.

Murray would be in breach of the contract and his guaranteed income would be in jeopardy if the team can show he isn't upholding 

The definition of "independent study" includes the investigation of material supplied to Murray by the team for preparation, according to the report.

especially but not limited to any material given by an iPad or other technological device, the Cardinals' upcoming game.

The four hours per week of study time do not include time spent going through such topics in required team meetings.

The contract has the particular phrase stated in Ian Rapaport of NFL Media's tweet, which also includes a copy of the addendum:

"I'm not one of those people who are going to sit there and film themselves. I don't just sit there for a day and cry,"