Bottone skillfully drew attention to the legal double standard in Texas at the moment: is her unborn kid regarded as a live person or not? To the Dallas Morning News, she stated:

Bottone said that because she was 34 weeks pregnant, she didn't perceive the issue. She said, pointing to her tummy, "My baby daughter," when the police questioned where 

She said to the officer, "I don't know why you're not seeing it." She was given a $215 penalty when the police rejected her reasoning.

Using the Texas abortion restriction and the reversal of Roe v. Wade, a pregnant lady in Plano is contending that her baby daughter is a legitimate high-occupancy lane passenger .

Brandy Bottone of Plano was stopped at a sheriff's checkpoint last month after being the only vehicle in the High-Occupancy Vehicle lane, according to NBC DFW.

The Dallas Morning News reports that on June 29, when Brandy Bottone was operating a vehicle in the HOV lane on U.S.

Bottone responded "Yes" while pointing at her 34-week pregnant tummy when the police questioned if there were any other passengers in the car.

When I remarked that this is a living kid in light of recent events surrounding the Roe v. Wade decision, one officer seemed to blow me off.

Due to the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last month, Texas is now able to prohibit abortions starting at the time of conception.