Hammer, who was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2018 for his performance in Call Me By Your Name, was subject to severe claims of sexual assault and abuse from several women last year.

Armie Hammer appears to be working in the Cayman Islands marketing timeshares after his reputation suffered greatly as a result of a significant controversy in 2021.

The source remarked at the time, "[Armie's] major concern is to get sober and stay sober for the kids and Elizabeth." They effectively co-parent and are deeply entangled in one another's lives.

According to a person who spoke to the publication, Hammer, who was accused by several women of sexual misbehaviour, assault, and even cannibalism, finished his treatment in a facility in Florida.

You've probably heard rumours concerning Armie Hammer's location, namely a widely circulated poster claiming the actor changed his job status by working

After his highly publicised fall from glory, the source believes Hammer relocated to the Cayman Islands. According to reports, he choose the area to be near his young children, .

According to a source who spoke to Variety on Wednesday, the formerly ascending actor was pulled from Hollywood film and television projects after being t

Brettler revealed that the flyer was a hoax to Variety at the time. Additionally, a hotel employee revealed to Variety and other media sources that the ad was a joke .

In response to a query from Entertainment Weekly, Hammer's lawyer Andrew Brettler stated that he was unable to "confirm or deny" the actor's employment ."