Officials from Russia reaffirmed on Sunday that their nation's missile bombardment on the Ukrainian port of Odesa this weekend was legal.

This came just hours after the two countries signed similar agreements with the United Nations to allow the resumption of grain exports.

The blockade of the port has caused food catastrophe around the world. Saturday's walkout was a "spit in the face" for Turkey and the United Nations,

The Russian military launched four cruise missiles towards the port, two of which were shot down, according to the Ukrainian military on Saturday.

According to command spokeswoman Natalia Humenyuk, no grain storage facilities in Odessa were affected,

Two Russian Kalibr cruise missiles hit the port infrastructure and two more were shot down by Ukrainian air defense.

Only a few hours after Moscow and Kiev reached an agreement to resume grain exports from Odesa on the Black Sea, Russian missiles struck the city.

Top Sergey Lavrov, a Russian ambassador, started the first stage of his journey through Africa on Sunday in Egypt.