The Cincinnati Reds traded a middle of the rotation starter for Luis Castillo six years ago, when they were in the midst of a rebuild.

Castillo rose to prominence and led the Reds rotation for most of his career before becoming a two-time All-Star. he was successful,

On Friday night, the Reds dealt Castillo to the Seattle Mariners for four minor league players, including the top two prospects of the Mariners.

Castillo's contract expires in 2023, but the Reds wanted to get the most oSeattle Mariners acquire Luis Castillout of a trade for him.

Castillo claimed to understand the Reds' rebuilding process even if he didn't want to leave Cincinnati.

Through Jorge Merlos, Castillo commented, "It's been a wonderful experience." The staff, the team, and everyone I was allowed to work with,

I will always cherish the opportunity to hear my name mentioned by fans as they support me and compliment me. I won't overlook that.

The Reds acquired a package of prospects to match Castillo's status as the best starting pitcher available for trade.