Who wants a break in the middle of the next long blockbuster film? ShoShould ultra-long blockbuster movies have intermissions?w of hands.

Films like "Lawrence of Arabia" took a halfway break in their 3 hour, 42 minute running time to refresh the audience.

Win-win, right? You get an opportunity to get up and move about as the theatre proprietors offer more expensive concessions.

Three film experts USA Today consulted came to the following conclusions: renowned critic and film historian Leonard Maltin;

Cameron said the following in response to criticism about the length of "Avatar 2": "I don't want anyone to complain about the length of the seat."

and watch (TV) for eight hours straight. The major paradigm shift in society that needs to take place is this: "It's OK to get up and go potty."

Want to organize more screenings so as to take advantage of "top gunability" to bring audiences back to dim theaters outside their homes.

There would probably be fewer movie times with a 15-minute interval added to each showing, which would mean lost money that can never be recovered.