A week after the previous record was broken, wildfires hit more than 50,000 acres south of the Oregon state line on Sunday,

In the Klamath National Forest, the McKinney Fire started on Friday and soon got out of control.This year's biggest fire in California,

It was completely uncontrolled as of Sunday afternoon, a day after California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state of emergency.

According to the US Forest Service, "abundant" lightning, strong winds, high temperatures, and low relative humidity all present danger

The fuel beds are so dry that they might instantly erupt from lightning, according to Adrienne Freeman, a spokeswoman for the Forest Service.

The community of Yreka City was under threat from the McKinney Fire, forcing nearly 2,000 residents to leave.

Leaving on Saturday with some of their most valued items, including Larry's motorcycle, Larry Castle and his wife Nancy

He told the Sacramento Bee, "You look back at the Paradise fire and the Santa Rosa fire and you understand this stuff is very, very serious."