Thor: Love and Thunder was set to be Taika Waititi's triumphant return with a rock 'n' roll soundtrack and a slew of well-known performers. After Thor, directed by Alan Taylor:

Thor feels quite deflated to learn that Jane has received a post-divorce glow-up courtesy of Mjölnir magic. It's difficult enough to run into an ex. blonde, toned,

Unfortunately, in between necessary action scenes, the introduction of new MCU characters, and several flashbacks that persistently chronicle Thor's icy disintegration

It makes sense why there have been many confrontations between Thor and Hercules in the Marvel comics. Both are extraordinarily potent mythical characters.

This Friday, July 8, Thor: Love and Thunder will have its theatrical debut, and it is anticipated to have a very successful opening weekend.

the broken hammer put itself back together and headed straight for her hand, transforming her into The Mighty Thor.

t brings with him an endearing silliness that fits nicely with any of Waititi's prior works. Meanwhile,

Bale drips with misery and a perverse glee in overthrowing the gods who would turn us into playthings while others caper or smoulder for the camera.

You'll remember that the previous Thor movie was a lot of fun. Director Taika Waititi is taking up the franchise reins for Marvel's third solo adventure with the hot thunder god.