On Tuesday, far-right state legislator Dan Cox defeated a moderate opponent backed by incumbent Governor Larry Hogan to win the Republican nomination for governor of Maryland.

Despite being a success for Trump, Cox's victory over former member of Hogan's cabinet, Kelly Schultz, would hurt his chances of retaining the GOP seat in November.

Hogan, a rare two-term Republican governor in a largely Democratic state who was barred from seeking for a third time, had supported Schulz to carry on his nonpartisan leadership style.

In the general election in November, Cox will compete against the Democratic primary victor. bestselling novelist Wes Moore, who has Oprah Winfrey's support,

had a significant lead early on Tuesday night, and attention was beginning to shift to mail-in votes that wouldn't be counted until later that week.

As they consider running for the White House in 2024, Trump and Hogan presented vastly different perspectives about the party's future in the Republican primary,

Hogan, one of Trump's most prominent GOP opponents, implored the party to reject his divisive political philosophy,

One of Trump's best-known GOP opponents, Hogan urged the party to move beyond its toxic brand of politics.