He continued, adding that the selection procedure should start right away and that the timeline will be revealed the next week.

There will be a general feeling of relief when the pandemonium of the past several days, if not months, ends.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's tumultuous term came to an end on Thursday after he was forced to resign by a historic party mutiny over several ethical issues.

The nation won't necessarily have to go to the polls again given that the Conservative Party easily won the previous election. Next week, though,

ENGLAND — On Thursday, Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom announced his resignation.

That in turn encouraged his habit; what incentive did he have to cling to the unpleasant truth if people were willing to buy into the pretence?

The Prime Minister reaffirmed his intention to serve as interim leader while the Conservative Party begins the process of selecting a replacement.

Even that, according to some senior members of his party, won't be enough given the decreasing number of individuals prepared to work for him.

Speaking in front of the renowned 10 Downing Street entrance, where several of his predecessors had made their respective resignation addresses,