Over the course of sixteen years, Vince McMahon reportedly paid four women connected to WWE $12 million in hush money.

The longstanding boss of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., Vince McMahon, consented to pay more than $12 million over the previous 16 years to settle sexual misconduct claims.

However, McMahon has not run away from the limelight: He has kept both his in-ring character and his participation on WWE's creative output.

According to those involved with the investigation, the board is also looking at claims that former paralegal and WWE executive John Laurinaitis had a sex connection.

According to a police complaint, Mr. McMahon gained notoriety in 2006 after a Boca Raton, Florida, tanning salon employee accused him of groping her.

In actuality, McMahon didn't linger in the ring for very long. McMahon made an appearance on the company's wrestling broadcast "Smackdown" only a few days after the first story.

In a different, previously undisclosed transaction, a WWE contractor gave the business unsolicited pictures of Mr. McMahon in a bikini.

that forbids them from talking about prospective legal claims made against or their connections to the 76-year-old boss,

When Mr. Laurinaitis, a former wrestler known as Johnny Ace, was forced to resign from his position as president of WWE talent relations in 2012 and take on a lower role in the organisation,