When the Northwestern Wildcats ended an incredible season against Southern California at the Rose Bowl in 1995,

It marked a customary contest between the Pac-12, then known as the Pac-10, and the Big Ten's champions.

But after the Big Ten gained USC and UCLA last month, the institutions will be a part of the same league in a few of years.

Fitzgerald, Northwestern's head coach entering his 17th year, sees the acquisitions as the most recent in a series of changes within

The game has undergone several changes, starting with relaxed transfer rules and their names for players,

Fitzgerald was among the majority of coaches who seem thrilled about the changing scenario, having grown accustomed to it.

Fitzgerald declared, "We're not moving backward. "We won't go back to having 10 teams. We won't go back to the first eight league games.

Wherever we go, as trainers, we must embrace it and prepare to be effective and successful.What do the Big Ten football coaches