Those instances don't affect the competition. This is a tremendously entertaining half-hour of television, and everyone involved seems to enjoy packing as much utter stupidity 

Nearly every member of our primary cast was abruptly cut off from one another as they prepared to take on a new task as a result of this deed.

The vamps' Staten Island home is in ruins a year later, with lights flickering and errant branches sprouting within. There, Laszlo is observing marathons on HGTV.

They'll need money to repair the house, which is a challenge because Colin Robinson has always taken care of the money. Their ATM card is his,

Laszlo receives a smack in the face from Nadja as she arrives at their home (accompanied by her lookalike doll) and accuses him of abandoning her while she was in London.

Berry intended to allusively allude to the Shadows role, but he was ultimately prevented from doing so since he was not permitted to disclose his affiliation with the show to anyone.

Berry responded to Newsweek when asked whether he was able to insert another Easter Egg like the Toast of London reference from Season 3: "No, the only other one I wanted to do,

Living in a home on Staten Island with three classic, ancient bloodsuckers—Nandor the Relentless played by Kayvan Novak, Laszlo Cravensworth by Matt Berry, and

We spoke with him on the eve of the show's recent debut about everything infant Colin Robinson, which is additional evidence that few handle odd awkwardness better than him.