In the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday, Charles Leclerc defeated Max Verstappen and re-entered the fight for the Formula One driver's title.

To reclaim his first podium position since the Australian GP in April, the Ferrari driver had to pass Red Bull's Max Verstappen three times.

Leclerc, who was relieved, remarked, "It was a really excellent race." "The beginning had a terrific tempo, we had some excellent battles with Max, and the finale was quite challenging.

I had this problem with the throttle and it would get stuck at 20 or 30% throttle in the low speed, so it was very tricky but we managed to make it stick until the end and I'm so, so happy. 

We must persevere till the finish in order to ultimately demonstrate that we can accomplish it and that we have the necessary pace in the car.

Charles Leclerc returned to the top of the podium in Austria after going seven races without a win by outracing pole-sitter Max Verstappen and overtaking him three times.

Sunday was no different; there was no drama. Leclerc struggled to fix a throttle issue during the final stages of the race as radio communication became more 

Leclerc was basically forced to continue using roughly 20–30% of the throttle through the turns, although he was able to

I really needed it. Of course, everytime I start a new race, I grin and remain positive, but after a string of challenging events, it felt like everything was against me.