Zach Wilson scrubbed his old girlfriend, Abby Gile, from his Instagram account earlier this year. In return, she has now scrubbed one of his best friends from his life.

One person called her a ‘homie hopper’ and Gile fired back by exposing that Wilson slept with his mom’s best friend.

This weekend brought some intriguing facts concerning Wilson's possible activities that may have caused him to switch from Gile to Dellanno.

Wilson is gearing up to significantly outperform his 13-game rookie year. In those 13 games, he finished 3-10, lost time due to injuries, 

Wide receiver Milne of the Washington Commanders is thought to be dating Gile at the moment, and this reportedly cost him his friendship with Wilson.

Gile saw the remark and added her own. Wilson, she said, was the actual buddy hopping and had been having relations with his mother's closest friend.

Wilson was recently seen dating social media personality Nicolette Dellanno, indicating that he is doing perfectly great since splitting from Gile.

Fans might still hold out hope that Wilson addresses the claim that his ex-girlfriend made, despite it being improbable that he will do so sooner or later.

The New York Jets offence is anticipated to be led by left tackle Mekhi Becton and quarterback Zach Wilson for many years to come.